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Welcome to CherryLingerie

It’s a common fact that every lady out there wants to look their very best and impress as much as they possibly can when it comes to looking grand behind closed doors. For most females, they will augment their figure and form with some sexy nightwear and underwear. At Cherry Lingerie, we provide some of the finest lingerie available at great prices, meaning that you can give your partner something truly delightful to think about in some alluring and engaging underwear.

We all know that men and women vary in so many ways – and for men, it can be important to know that your partner requires appreciation and love. When it comes to ensuring a female is appreciated, few things are as complimentary as lingerie – it shows you want to see them even more! For any males out there looking for quality lingerie, this is the place to get started.

People say that love is blind – but if that was the case then Cherry Lingerie would not be here! We provide you with some stunning lingerie all across the UK using some stunning lingerie and sexy underwear to help you take things up a notch or two. You’ll be surprised at just how ravishing your other halves appetite can be when you really get involved together between the sheets!

Our Aims

As a business that supplies private and personal underwear and lingerie for your most passionate and intricate moments in life, Cherry Lingerie always looks to bring the finest possible standards to everything we sell. We know the power of persuasion here, and want to help you hone that power for your own needs and wants in this life. All of our brands are manufactured and prepared by the finest quality of designers, using the same manufacturers as the likes of By Caprice to provide our clients with stunning quality.

Whether it’s a Babydoll, a teddy, a corset or a dressing gown that you need we will have something that fits your requirements – our lingerie selections go far beyond thongs and bras! Let your body do the talking and give your other half something that they can truly lose their minds in when you appear at the doorframe dressed just in a seductive lingerie set.

Everything we provide is there to allure and impress – Cherry Lingerie makes sure that everything from our thongs and underwear to suspenders and babydolls are all made from the finest and most alluring detail. Our various patterns and styles should make it easy to find something that you can feel truly comfortable and happy when you are wearing. works to help you make the most of your love life and ensure that you are both able to get the finest possible quality in the end. Some lingerie sets are designed to get the mind racing, others are supposed to leave nothing to the imagination! The quality of our babydolls, for example, will leave your partner with plenty of things to see and enjoy!

We make sure to give you comfort, not just style. You’ll find that most of our lingerie’s comes with high-end support for your breasts so that you can stay comfortable and happy with the quality of the product in terms of how it fits and feels. This means that you can look brilliant and still feel comfortable – the perfect match!

Stockings are regularly used to give somebody a quick teaser of what could be coming for them later – they are extremely visible and they make sure that your partner witnesses that you have some stunning lingerie on very quickly. Not only are they fashionable, but they really do act as a brilliant way of getting somebody revved up and in the mood with even just a hint of a suggestion!

We also provide you with the help needed to arrange a lingerie party. Many women love to go to things like this, being able to witness all sorts of sexy lingerie and underwear on sale – we can help you arrange yourself to look as truly striking as you wish.

Additionally, we make sure that all of our products are continually improving. We don’t just stand by and let others take control – we do our best to set the pace. Our top of the range lingerie provided here on will give you amazing lingerie to pick from whether it’s a bodystockings set or a chemise that you are looking for.

By being your one-stop shop online you can see detailed images and analysis of the underwear we provide so that what you buy is going to be just what you are looking for. By giving you so much selection, finding the knickers and lingerie that is going to suit your best becomes incredible easy. All you need to enjoy our fine services is sign up for an account here, and get started right away!

With photo proof of our finest lingerie in action and details about everything from pricing to shipping available, you can easily find the best value sexy underwear and lingerie here today. Track your orders with ease through your account and make sure that your new lingerie will be there in time for a big night!

Got any questions about and how we can help you look you’re very best? Then drop us a line HERE for more information – we’d love to help you look your best and have the best night possible!